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Installation and Connection

1. Put the vendor furnished mounting point gasket on the Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 sensor measuring probe

2. Put the Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 sensor into the tank and fix it:

  • when securing with bolts, first put on a spacer and a spring washer
  • when securing to a plastic tanks with a wall thickness over 3 mm, use vendor furnished self-tapping screws

3. Connect the Omnicomm LLS sensors to an external device:

Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 according to the scheme:

The Omnicomm LLS 5 sensor connection

4. Connect the device and the BIS-MX unit using a KTZ-MX cable (where y is the length of the cable, e.g. KTZ-10MX) manufactured by Omnicomm. The use of other mounting cables, as well as the extension or reduction of the standard cables, is forbidden.

Pinout of the sensor connector: Connector of the Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 sensor

Name of the signal Color of the wire
RS-485 A Orange-white
RS-485 B Blue-white
RS-232 Tx Pink
RS-232 Rx Gray
+V Power Brown
Ground White

 Connection diagram: connecting the sensor to the terminal using the BR15 galvanic isolation unit

 Connection diagram: connecting Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 to an external device

Connecting the Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensor to an external device using BIS-MX

BIS-MX can connect up to two LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensors to an external device. If only one sensor is connected, put a cover on the empty connector.

Connect two Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensors as shown in the diagram: Connecting two Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensors

Connect one Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensor as shown in the figure: Connecting one Omnicomm LLS-Ex 5 fuel level sensor