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Omnicomm Online


Manual Overview

The user manual contains detailed description of operation with Omnicomm Online reports generated for the objects: vehicles (cars and fuel tankers), drivers, geofences and routes.

General Information

Omnicomm Online allows a user to control operation of vehicles and drivers using reports being its feature. To access Omnicomm Online you need only a PC connected to the Internet.

Processing and storage of the obtained data is performed on the basis of Omnicomm company resources.

Browsers recommended for work in Omnicomm Online: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser.

There are three types of users in the system:


  • who generates reports on objects to which this user has a right of access
  • performs addition, removal, editing of profiles, assignment and unassignment of drivers to/from VH
  • performs setup and review of notifications
  • performs import and export of objects


  • creates users and it sets up rights of access
  • performs import and export of objects, notifications and user settings
  • manages objects list


  • performs dealers management
  • is an employee of Omnicomm company