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MultiTank: Refueling and Draining

  1. Select one or several vehicles
  2. Select the time period for report generation
  3. Press the “Add report” button and select “MultiTank: Refueling and Draining”

«Refueling and Draining» report

To select the information displayed in the report, right-click and select “Report settings”:

Setting up the Refueling and Draining report

In the program window the list of refueling and draining within the selected period will be displayed.

In the “Address Display Settings” section, select:

  • Display the address - turn on to display the address of the current vehicle location
  • All - turn on to display the complete vehicle address
  • Abbreviations - turn on to abbreviate address parameters (such as st., ave.)

Select the parameters to display in the address:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City/town
  • Street
  • Building
  • Zip code

The report contains the following data:

  • Fuel tank number and name
  • VH name
  • Operation start time
  • Operation end time
  • Operation is draining or refueling
  • Volume, (l) is the volume of drained or refueled fuel
  • Initial volume, (l) is the volume of fuel in the tank before the operation
  • Final volume, (l) is the volume of fuel in the tank after the operation
  • The address where start of draining or refueling was performed

The following color designations are used in the report:

Blue background of line is for refueling

Pink background is for draining