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Omnicomm Online Release 4.5.34

Release date – October 29th, 2019


1. Direct link to the reports “SafeDrive: Driver rating” and “SafeDrive: Violation details”

You can now create, edit, and share links to the reports “OMNICOMM SafeDrive: Driver rating” and “OMNICOMM SafeDrive: Violation details. Authorization in OMNICOMM Online is not required to view the shared reports. To create a link please go to the report tab, select “Shared link” / “Create link”. Get in touch with OMNICOMM support team at support@omnicomm-world.com to get permissions for direct link creation.

Find out more in the documentation: https://doc.omnicomm.ru/en/omnicomm_online-manual/navigate/link

2. Management of dynamic geofences in the “Geofences” section

Geofence creation and editing were moved from the “Vehicle profile” to the Geofences section. To manage a dynamic geofence in the object tree, select the “Geofences” section and in the “Geofence properties” window, go to the “Object” section.

Find out more in the documentation: https://doc.omnicomm.ru/en/omnicomm_online-manual/zone