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Technical Specifications

Omnicomm OKO
Satellite Navigation Systems GLONASS/GPS
Data transmission channel GSM / GPRS
Number of SIM cards 2
Number of connected IP video cameras From 1 to 4
Video compression format *.h264
Video encryption Yes
Video volume from one camera 5 Mb/min
Record quality 1024 kbit/s
Video resolution 720p (1280×720)
Frames per second 15
Power source
Power supply voltage, V 10…36
Overvoltage protection Yes
External sensor power supply Yes
Backup battery capacity, mAh 1400
Data collection and transmission
Data collection period, s 15…240
Non-volatile memory capacity, events 150 000
Support of SD cards 2 × 256 Gb
Maximum recording time
1 camera
2 cameras
3 cameras
4 cameras

1700 h
850 h
560 h
420 h
Inputs and outputs
Ignition key input Yes
Panic button input Yes
RPM sensor input Yes
GSM call button input Yes
Number of universal inputs 4+2 4+2 (Input 5, Input 6 for pulse signals only)
Number of digital outputs 2
CAN interface Yes
RS-485 interface 1
RS-232 interface 1
USB interface Yes
Voice communication connection Yes
1-wire interface Yes
Ethernet Yes
Built-in accelerometer Yes
Dimensions, mm 225 × 180 × 48 mm
Working temperature range, °С – 40…+85
Body tampering sensor Yes
Antenna design External
Fuel level sensors connections 6
Support of 2 mobile network operators Yes
Number of servers for data transmission 2
Remote control through GPRS Yes
SIM card heating Yes
Driver identification Yes
Event photo registration Yes
1-Wire temperature sensors connection Yes
Passenger sensors support Yes
Data output via external indicator Yes
SMS notifications Yes