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Omnicomm ICON Display

General Information

Omnicomm ICON display is intended to display various parameters, including:

  • Fuel volume in the fuel tanks
  • Refueling volume
  • Temperature according to the external temperature sensor readings
  • Fuel volume dispensed from the fuel-servicing truck (only in conjunction with the Omnicomm Profi terminal)
  • Reading from the Omnicomm terminal universal inputs
  • Driver’s status
  • Driver name / registration
  • Vehicle speed
  • Current time
  • Dispatcher’s message
  • Engine hours

Omnicomm ICON Display is applicable:

  • in fleet monitoring systems, both with GPS/GLONASS terminals connection and separately with fuel level sensors
  • with Omnicomm terminals 2.0 and later and with third generation built-in software (302 and later)
  • with third-party terminals that support the Omnicomm ICON communication protocol
  • only with fuel level sensors using the Omnicomm LLS protocol and provided with the RS-485 interface

While carrying out installation, observe the safety rules and regulatory requirements for this type of work.

Screen controls and navigation

Omnicomm ICON display has 5 built-in buttons. To use the button you need, press the display body frame.

Control parameters

Panic button

Main screen

Screen chart

Main screen navigation map:

Screen chart

To monitor refueling, a driver's status “Refueling” is implemented (see Refueling volume monitoring).