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Refrigerator with temperature sensors

In this case, we look at monitoring vehicles carrying food products that have strict requirements for temperature conditions during transportation and storage. The Omnicomm ICON display is used to monitor the temperature in the refrigerator sections and the fuel remaining in the tank with the help of temperature sensors and an LLS fuel level sensor.

Refrigerator with temperature sensors




  • Omnicomm terminal
  • Omnicomm ICON Display
  • Temperature sensors


The diagram example of equipment connection is given for the Omnicomm Profi terminal. The connection to other models of Omnicomm terminals is performed according to the terminals' user manuals.



Omnicomm Terminal configuration

Run Omnicomm Configurator.

Select equipment – Terminal.

In the “Settings” tab select the “ICON” section from the list.


“ICON” – check the box to display the data from the terminal on the Omnicomm ICON display

  • “Network address” – select the display network address. Possible values: from 7 to 254
  • “Select the time zone” - check the box to select your time zone relative to UTC. The time zone value is used when an automatic registration of time zones is not required

“Time zone” – select the time zone

  • “Sound notification” - check the box to enable sound notifications when the terminal registers a new event, as specified during the terminal's setup

In the “Settings” tab, select the “Auxiliary equipment” section from the list.

In the “Temperature sensors” section, the temperature sensors connected to the 1-Wire interface are displayed:



“Transmit the value of 1-Wire sensor instead of UI” - select the number of the universal input for displaying the temperature values on Omnicomm Online.

In the “Universal Inputs section:


“Operation mode” – select 1-Wire.

Omnicomm ICON display configuration

Run Omnicomm Configurator.

Select equipment – Indicator.

Add the parameters “1-wire temperature 1”, “1-wire temperature 2”, “1-wire temperature 3”, “1-wire temperature 4”, “Total in tanks” to the screen.

Add the parameters

When adding the parameters, specify the following values:

  • Units of measurement – units of measurement for the parameter. Select the units of measurement from the list or add your own by selecting “Other”. Enter the unit of measurement in the “Unit name” field
  • Measurement accuracy – select the number of digits after decimal point to display
  • Minimum threshold – enter the minimum value of the measured parameter
  • Maximum threshold – enter the maximum value of the measured parameter
  • Sound notification of exceeding thresholds - tick the box if a sound notification is needed when the value is below the minimum threshold or when the maximum threshold is exceeded

Configure the parameter display on screen as shown in the figure:

Screen setting

Press the “Save” button.