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Driver Statuses in Omnicomm Online

In this case, we look at monitoring driver activity through statuses. On the Omnicomm ICON display, the driver can set a status that corresponds to the activity that is being carried out. To analyze a driver's activity in Omnicomm Online, you can use the report “Task status”. Also, when the status changes, an SMS is sent to the dispatcher's number (indicated during terminal configuration). The Omnicomm ICON display supports up to 10 driver statuses.

Driver statuses


  • Open the browser and enter the address http://online.omnicomm.ru. Enter your login and password in the window that opens
  • Select the vehicle or the driver
  • Select the time period for report generation
  • Press the “Add report” button and select “Task status”


The report contains the following information on statuses for the report period:

  • Driver's name
  • Date when the status became effective
  • Status expiry date
  • Duration of the status
  • Fuel consumption per CAN, l
  • Fuel consumption, l
  • Location where the status became effective
  • Status expiry location
  • Mileage at the beginning of status activation
  • Mileage at status expiry
  • Mileage during the period of status activation as per CAN, km
  • Mileage during the period of status activation according to GPS, km


  • Omnicomm terminal
  • Omnicomm ICON Display




Omnicomm Terminal configuration

Run Omnicomm Configurator.

Select equipment – Terminal.

In the “Settings” tab select the “ICON” section from the list.


“ICON” – check the box to display the data from the terminal on the Omnicomm ICON display

  • “Network address” – select the display network address. Possible values: from 7 to 254
  • “Select the time zone” - check the box to select your time zone relative to UTC. The time zone value is used when an automatic registration of time zones is not required

“Time zone” – select the time zone

  • “Notify about status changes via SMS” - check the box to send a notification to the dispatcher's number when the driver's status changes. The notification will contain the driver's new status.
  • “Sound notification” - check the box to enable sound notifications when the terminal registers a new event, as specified during the terminal and display configuration.

Omnicomm ICON display configuration

Run Omnicomm Configurator.

Select equipment – Indicator.

In the “Statuses” section:

Driver status

Press “Add status”.

Enter the status in words and press the “Write to device“ button.