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Technical Specifications

Parameters Value
Power supply voltage, V 7 – 45
Power consumption, W Nominal – 0.6
Maximum – 0.9
During a short-circuit on an analog output – 1.6
Analog output:
Output voltage range, V 0…20
Maximum output voltage, V 5…20
Minimum output voltage, V 0…15
Digital-to-analog conversion resolution, bit 12
Load resistance on analog output, Ohm Not less than 2000
Output signal pulsation, % Not more than 0.15
Frequency output:
Output signal modulation Frequency pulse
Output frequency range, Hz 30…2000
Maximum output signal frequency, Hz 100…2000
Minimum output signal frequency, Hz 30…1900
Maximum load current at the frequency output in the “open collector” mode, mA 300
Resistance of the internal “pull-up resistor” to positive voltage supply, Ohm 1500
General information:
Measurement range, mm 0…700, 1000, 1500
Basic reduced error of level measurement, % ±1
Ambient temperature, °С From -40 to +80
Limit temperature, °С -60 and +85
Relative humidity at 25 °С (without moisture conden-sation), % From 5 to 95
Atmospheric pressure, kPa From 84 to 107
Maximum relative humidity at 25 °С (without moisture condensation), % 100
Ingress protection rating IP69k
Operating mode Continuous
Internal filter size From 0 to 30
Measurement time period, s 1
Overall dimensions, mm 78×74×(24+length of the measuring probe)
Weight, kg Not more than 2
Average service life, years 8