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Fuel Level Sensor Omnicomm LLS-HD User manual

General information

Omnicomm LLS-HD fuel level sensors (hereinafter referred to as the “sensor”) are designed to measure fuel level in vehicle tanks and stationary fuel tanks. Omnicomm LLS-HD fuel level sensors perform additional measurement of fuel temperature. Information exchange with the sensor is carried out through RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.

The sensor is suitable for the following types of fuel: petrol, “summer” and “winter” types of diesel fuel, and other liquid petroleum, that maintain their aggregation state within the range of operating temperature.

Omnicomm LLS-HD fuel level sensors are available in different designs depending on the probe length: 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm.


While installing this device, you should observe the safety precautions and measures, as well as meet the requirements of the regulatory documentation for this type of works.

When cutting the measuring piece, the minimum cut-off length is 150 mm.