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Omnicomm Online

The Administration Guide contains a detailed description of the settings of vehicle profiles, drivers, geofences, routes, and notifications in Omnicomm Online.

Omnicomm Online allows the user to control the operation of vehicles and drivers using a variety of reports. To access Omnicomm Online you will only need a personal computer with an Internet connection. The received data is stored and processed using Omnicomm resources.

Technical Requirements

For efficient work in Omnicomm Online:

  • Network delay 150 msec or lower
  • Internet network download speed 3 Mbps or higher
  • Min 8 GB RAM
  • CPU Dualcore 2×2 GHz or higher

Basic requirements:

  • Network delay 200 msec or lower
  • Internet network download speed 1 Mbps
  • Min 4 GB RAM
  • CPU 2 GHz

Requirements to the browser:

One of the two latest versions of the following browsers:


Open the browser and enter the address http://online.omnicomm.ru. The user login window will open:


The dealer's “login” and “password” should be provided by the Omnicomm Sales Department.

If you see a message about a blocked dealer account, contact the Omnicomm Technical Support Department.