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Transfer of terminals between clients

While using the Omnicomm terminals, the client has the right to change the servicing company. In this case, the terminals must be reconnected.

The receiving or transferring company should send Omnicomm a request for the provision of a reconnection service.

The terminal transfer procedure:

The transferring company:

1. Download the object profiles (Users, Drivers, Vehicles, Geofences, Routes, Notifications). To do this, in Omnicomm Online “Administration”, go to the “Import/Export” section and export the object profiles to file.

2. Send the exported object profiles to the receiving party via email.

3. Delete the client's and the vehicles' profiles from the account in Omnicomm Online.

Receiving party:

Import the files you received into your account in Omnicomm Online.

Omnicomm can act as the transferring party.