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Downloading files from a driver's card

In the “Administration” section, open the “Drivers” tab. A window will open, showing a list of all drivers in Omnicomm Online. Select from the list the driver from whose card you need to download the files. Click the «Export file from the driver's card» button.

It is possible to download files from a driver's card for drivers whose profile contains driver card numbers used to monitor work and rest modes using a tachograph.

In the window that opens select the time period for which you want to download files.

Press «Select». Omnicomm Online will download an archive with DDD-files (e.g. DDDArchive_2015-07-30 17_32_00.zip).

The name format of DDD-files is C_YYYYMMDD_HHMM_A_BBB…B_NNN…N.DDD:

  • С_ – card ID
  • YYYY – year
  • MM – month
  • DD – day
  • HHMM_ – hours and minutes
  • A_BBB…B_ – First and last name of the driver
  • NNN…N – driver's card number
  • DDD (Digital Download Data) – format of downloaded data