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Adding OBDII terminals

To add OBDII terminals to Omnicomm Online:

  1. Create profiles for the vehicles with Omnicomm OBDII terminals
  2. Import vehicle profiles to Omnicomm Online

In the “Administration” section, open the “Additionally” tab. A window will open:

Create an archive

Enter the identification numbers of the OBDII terminals. Separate terminal IDs by comma, percentage, colon, space, tab, or enter on a new line.

Click “Download archive”. An archive with vehicle profiles will be downloaded to your PC. The name of the archive will be composed of vehicleExportOBDII, date, and time of saving. For example, vehicleExportOBDII-24-09-2018_12-10-57

In the “Administration” section, open the “Import/Export” tab. Import vehicle profile as shown in the Import/Export section, see Import/Export.

The vehicle name will correspond to the OBDII terminal ID number. You can change the vehicle name in the vehicle profile, see Profile editing.