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Maintenance Records

Select one or several VH, for which it is required to record the maintenance service recording, press the right mouse button and select “Execute the maintenance task”:

Maintenance schedule

The window will open:

Maintenance task execution

“Vehicle” - a name of the VH on which the maintenance service was performed.

“Maintenance service name” - a title of the maintenance service.

“Maintenance service description”- enter description of works which were performed during the maintenance service.

“Date and time of actual maintenance service completion” - specify the date and time, when the maintenance was performed.

“Ascertain the date of the next maintenance service” - switch it on if it is necessary to adjust the date of the next maintenance. With correction of the due date of the next performance switched on:

“Due date of the next maintenance service by time” - set the date of performance of the next maintenance service.

Press the “Complete and Extend” button.