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Scheduled Tasks

Select one or several VH, for which it is necessary to gather information on conducting of maintenance service, press the right of mouse button and select “Maintenance service control”. Select filter “Scheduled”:

Scheduled tasks

Color-coded indication of tasks for maintenance:

  • Pink means the tasks for maintenance are not performed, their due date has already passed
  • Green is for maintenance tasks, whose performance is expected in the period of time specified when creating the task in the field “Remind in”
  • Not highlighted with color are the maintenance tasks upon creating of which the reminder was not required

Upon view of the planned tasks for maintenance performance, there is an option to use the following filters:

  • “All” - the list displays the overdue tasks; the tasks which were created, when the reminder was ON and the tasks, which were created when the reminder was OFF
  • “The nearest and overdue only” - the list will display the overdue tasks and the tasks which were created with the parameter value “Remind in” specified and whose time for reminder has come
  • “Only overdue” - the list will display only overdue maintenance tasks, as the term for performance of which has already passed and maintenance was not performed

The following information for Maintenance control is given:

“VH name” - a name of VH, whose maintenance was performed.

“Maintenance name” - a title of the maintenance service.

“Status” - the state of maintenance (overdue or expected) specifying the number of days before the maintenance or how many days are overdue.

“Expected maintenance” are expected and overdue maintenance services specifying the scheduled date of the maintenance.