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Creating a One-Time Trip

For a one-time trip, it is possible to set a date for the vehicle to complete the route. The one-time trip will be removed from the schedule after the vehicle completes the route

In the “Routes” section, select the route for which you wish to create a one-time trip, right-click and select “Designate for one-time trip”

A one-time trip

Select one or more vehicles that have to complete the trip by clicking “Select vehicles”. Press the “Save” button.

“Scheduled departure time” - date and time when the vehicle must leave for the one-time trip. If only a date is provided, the trip will be monitored starting at 00:00 of the specified date. If no date or time is indicated, the start of the trip will be recorded when the vehicle leaves the geofence of the start of the trip.

“Permissible deviation from the scheduled departure” - the deviation from the scheduled departure of the vehicle during which the start of the trip will be recorded (Figure 196). If the trip did not start at the scheduled time, accounting for the allowable deviation, the trip will register as not carried out.

Press the “Save” button.