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Drivers Registration

  1. Select a vehicle or a driver
  2. Please select a period of time for report generation
  3. Press “Add report button” and select “Driver registration”

«Driver registration» report

To set up the report, press the right mouse button and select “Report settings”:

«Driver registration» report settings

This report contains the following information:

  • VH name is a registration number of name the VH
  • Driver, last name and first name of the driver assigned to VH
  • Start of registration is date and time of the driver assignment to the VH. If “-” is specified, assignment of the driver to this VH was performed before the selected period of the report generation
  • End of registration is date and time of the driver deassignment from the VH. If “-” is specified, deassigment of the driver from the VH is scheduled later than end of the selected period of report generation
  • Duration, hh: mm: ss is duration of driver assignment to the VH within the selected period
  • Initial volume, (l)
  • Final volume, (l)
  • Actual consumption during the period, (l)
  • Refueling volume, (l)
  • Draining volume, (l)
  • Consumption per 100 km, (l)

Description of the fuel parameters calculation is given in the Appendix.