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  1. Select one or several VH
  2. Select a period of time
  3. Press “Add report” button and select “Multimedia”
  4. Open the “Pictures” and “Video” tab

«Multimedia» report

Choosing a picture:

«Viewing a picture» report

To save a picture, right-click and select “Save image as”.

When choosing videos:

«Video» report

The report contains the following information:

  • Vehicle - the name of the vehicle
  • Channel name - the name of the camera with which the video was recorded.
  • Action - actions that can be performed with the video clip. Possible values:
    • Watch - play the video
    • Delete - delete the video
    • Cancel - cancel video order
    • Restart - order the video again after canceling or after an error
  • Video clip start and end time
  • Task status. Possible values:
    • Completed - the video has been uploaded to Omnicomm Online
    • In progress - the video is being uploaded
    • In progress Terminal turned off – waiting for terminal to be turned on for a video upload
    • In progress Error found – waiting for an error fix in order to proceed with a video upload
    • In progress Download pending – a preparation for video download
    • In progress Downloading – video is being downloaded
    • Canceled - the video order has been canceled
    • Cancelled due to daily limit reached – automatically cancelled request since daily limit of 300 downloads was reached
    • Error - an error occurred when processing the video Possible errors:
      • Task timeout
      • No video available for the selected period of time
      • A task with these parameters has been created before
      • No task order has been found
      • Conversion error. 5 attempts (video conversion error)
      • Video terminal not found
      • Video terminal not available (no connection with the terminal)
      • Profile settings error
      • No space on disk (there is not enough space on the disk and the old data deletion option is turned off)
  • Initiator. Possible values:
    • User - the video was uploaded upon user order
    • Event - the video upload was triggered by an event

To play the video click “Watch”:

Watching video

To order video click the “Order video” button. A window will open:

Order video

Vehicle - select the vehicle

Camera - select the name of the camera connected to the selected vehicle

Select the date and time of the video clip to upload.

Duration - select the duration of the video clip. Possible values - from 30 sec to 10 min.

Maximum video waiting time. Possible options:

  • Limited - specify the time after which the video download task will be automatically canceled
  • Unlimited - the video downloading task will wait for the execution for an unlimited amount of time

To automatically order a video in Omnicomm Online by event, configure it in the “Administration”/“Rules for automatic creation of a task” section.

Photographs are related to “Track” report. When opening two reports and selecting “Photographs” line of the report the place on the map where the photographs were taken is highlighted automatically and a help message with information on VH is displayed (dates, time, VH speed, address, mileage and state of ignition).

The report does not display automatic tasks for video download with an “Error” status. To display them, right-click and select “Show hidden tasks”.