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SafeDrive: Violations Details

Only the violations recorded according to the list of bad habits are displayed in the "SafeDrive: Violations details" report, (see Omnicomm Online. Administration Manual. The "Bad habits" section.) In order to display a violation, all the conditions of a bad habit must be recorded simultaneously (event, weather conditions, time of the day). If the "Safe driving" service is enabled, but the list of bad habits has not been filled out, the system will use the default list of bad habits.

  1. Select the vehicles or the drivers
  2. Select a time period
  3. Press the “Add report” button and select “SafeDrive: Violations details”

 The “SafeDrive: Violations details” report

To select the information displayed in the report, right-click and select “Report settings”:

 Setting up the “SafeDrive: Violations details” report

The table report contains the following data:

  • Driver – details of the driver registered on the vehicle
  • Vehicle - the name of the vehicle
  • Bad habit - the name of the bad habit
  • Date - the date and time of the start of violation
  • Duration - violation duration
  • Vertical, axial, and transverse acceleration - acceleration values on the Z, Y, and X axes
  • Headlights - the status of the lights (on/off)
  • Seatbelt - the status of the seatbelt (fastened/unfastened)
  • Penalty points - the number of points corresponding to the violation according to the bad habits settings
  • Address - the address or the name of the geofence where the violation was recorded

To download the Excel file or to print the table report, right-click and select the required option.

To display the graphic report and track, select the violation from the list.

The graphic report is displayed depending on the recorded event:

  • The “Speed” report:

Exceeding the permissible speed limit

Exceeding the maximum speed limit

Short-term exceeding of the maximum speed limit

Short-term exceeding of the permissible speed limit

Exceeding the positive acceleration threshold

Exceeding the negative acceleration threshold

Exceeding the lateral acceleration threshold

Exceeding the vertical acceleration threshold

Exceeding the permissible speed for approaching the turn

Exceeding the maximum speed for approaching the turn

Violation of traffic rules. Exceeding the speed limit

  • The “Engine RPM” report:

Long term idle engine operation

Operation at low RPM

Operation at high RPM

  • The “Auxiliary Equipment operation” report:

Movement with lights off

Movement with seat belts unfastened