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Engine Revolutions (RPM)

  1. Select a VH
  2. Please select a period of time for report generation
  3. Press the button “Add report” and select “Engine revolutions”

In the program window, the report on VH engine revolutions will display.

If a period between neighboring events recorded in the register is shorter than 8 minutes, ignition turn-off won't be displayed on the revolutions diagram.

«Engine RPM» report

The following color designations are used in the report:

  • Green diagram means level of idle revolutions of the VH engine. The level of idle revolutions shall be set in the VH profile
  • Yellow diagram means normal load, level of engine revolutions is greater than level idle revolutions and less than level of ultimate revolutions. The level of idle revolutions and engine RPM level limit shall be set in the VH profile
  • Red diagram means ultimate load, level of revolutions greater than ultimate engine speed. The engine RPM level limit is set in the VH profile.

If necessary, increase the diagram scale. Select a part of the diagram, which shall be increased by pressing the left mouse button continuously

To return to the original diagram scale, refresh the report.

To display a pop-up tip with an accurate value of engine RPM select a required spot in the diagram.

Revolutions values from 0.0 to 1.0 mean there is no connection to revolutions sensor, please contact specialists who installed on-board equipment.
In case the values exceed 10 000 RPM, contact the specialists who installed on-board equipment, in order to get the “Correction coefficient of revolutions sensor” corrected.