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Controlled equipment

In the terminals, for each controlled output, up to three operation rules are provided.

The rules are set by event or by a combination of events and states.

In the “Settings” tab select the “Outputs” section from the list:

Omnicomm Configurator Remote configuration server

“Rule priority” – set the priority of the rule. When at the same time several rules apply, a rule with the highest priority is used.

Possible options: 1 (highest), 2, 3 (lowest).

Select “Events”:

  • Entering the geofence
  • Leaving the geofence

Select “States”:

  • Ignition on
  • Ignition off
  • GPS available
  • No GPS
  • Being in geofence
  • Being outside geofences
  • Exceeding the speed threshold set for the geofence
  • Exceeding the set speed threshold

In the “Output operation mode” section:

Number of “closed-open” cycles – specify the number of output enabling/disabling.

Possible options:

  • continuous – the output is always enabled (only available for states)
  • from 1 to 9 – (only relevant for events, because for states fulfillment of this condition would lead to indefinite cycles repeating)

When selecting the number of cycles, specify:

“Delay before closing” – specify the time period until the output will be activated. Possible values: from 0.1 to 9.9 s.

“Duration of closing” – specify the time, during which the output must be activated. Possible values: from 0.1 to 9.9 s.

“Duration of opening” – specify the time until the next output activation. Possible values: from 0.0 to 29.9 s.

Example 1. The following values are set:

  • State – “Being in geofence”
  • Number of “closed-open” cycles – 5

If the vehicle is inside the geofence, the output will be enabled and disabled 5 times. Output enabling/disabling (5 times each) will be repeated until the vehicle exits the geofence.

Example 2. The following values are set:

  • State – “Being outside geofence”, “GPS available”
  • Number of “closed-open” cycles – “Continuous”

If the vehicle is outside the geofence and the GPS module data are valid, the output will be enabled, until the moment of entering the geofence or GPS data absence.

Connect auxiliary equipment to controlled outputs of Omnicomm Light terminals according to the diagram:

Connection of controlled equipment

* Relay with operation voltage suitable for the voltage of this vehicle network (12 or 24 VDC)

You can also control digital output by SMS commands: *SETDOUT param#, *GETDOUT#, *CLRDOUT param#