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Technical Specifications

Omnicomm Smart Omnicomm Light
Satellite Navigation Systems GLONASS/GPS GLONASS/GPS
Data transmission channel GPRS GPRS
Number of SIM cards 1 1
Power source
Power supply voltage, V 8…47 8…47
Overvoltage protection Yes Yes
Backup battery capacity, mAh 650 650
External sensor power supply No No
Data collection and transmission
Data collection period, s 15…240 1…240
Non-volatile memory capacity, events 150 000 150 000
Inputs and outputs
Ignition key input Yes Yes
RPM sensor input Yes Yes
Number of universal inputs 1 2
Number of digital outputs 1 1
CAN interface Yes Yes
RS-485 interface 1 1
USB interface Yes Yes
1-wire interface - Yes
Dimensions, mm 101,0 х 90,0 х 31,5 101,0 х 90,0 х 31,5
Working temperature range, C (without the internal battery) – 40…+85 – 40…+85
Body tampering sensor Yes Yes
Built-in accelerometer Yes Yes
Antenna design Built-in (external GPS antennas can be connected)
Fuel level sensors connection 2 4
Detection of active GPS/GLONASS signal jamming - Yes
Remote control through GPRS Yes Yes
Data output via ICON display Yes Yes
SMS notifications Yes Yes