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Connection to Communication Servers

Terminals support data transmission to two Communication Servers (CS) through Omnicomm and EGTS protocols.

In the “Settings” tab select the “Сonnection” section from the list.

In the “EGTS Protocol setup” section:

Omnicomm Configurator Remote configurator server

When setting up EGTS data transmission, you must use the TID terminal identification.

If the settings are not configured, when transmitting data through EGTS protocol ID Omnicomm will be used for terminal identification.

In the “Settings of connection to the communication server” sections: Omnicomm Configurator Remote configurator server

“IP address or domain name of CS” – enter IP address or domain name of the communication server: cs.dc1.omnicomm.ru.

“Port” – enter port to be used by terminal to connect to the communication server: 9977

“Protocol” – select data transmission protocol to the CS. Possible options: Omnicomm or EGTS.

In order to use the Profi Wi-Fi 3.0 remote terminal configuration service using Omnicomm PORT, enter the IP address, specified in the “Static IP” field of the Omnicomm PORT settings, into the “CS 2 IP address or domain name” field in accordance with the Omnicomm PORT Automatic Data Acquisition Module. User Manual. , enter the port number 9910 into the “Port” field.