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Wi-Fi Data Transmission

Omnicomm Configurator provides the Omnicomm Profi Wi-Fi terminal with Wi-Fi wireless network data transmission setting option (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking standard).

In the “Settings” tab select the “Wi-Fi” section from the list.

In the “Wi-Fi module settings” section:


“Wi-Fi module” – enable/disable data transmission via Wi-Fi wireless network.

“Send new data only” – select:

“Enabled” – when using several LCS (or CS), deployed on different computers with the same domain name or IP address (indicated in the CS field), only the data that has not been previously transferred to any of these CS will be sent.

“Combine CS1 and CS3” When this function is enabled, the terminal will use the setting “Send only unsent data” to communication servers with different IP addresses/domain names and available both via Wi-Fi and GPRS. The data that was transferred to one of the configured servers (CS1 or CS3) will not be transferred to the other configured server again when requested. This feature is used in global networks to avoid the transfer of duplicate data.

“CS 1 IP address or domain name” – displays the CS 1 IP address or domain name assigned during configuration in the “Communication” section.

“CS 3 IP address or domain name” – displays the CS 3 (Local Communication Server) IP address or domain name assigned during configuration in the “Communication” section.

In the “List of networks” section:

“SSID” – enter the access point name specified when configuring the Wi-Fi base station

“Authentication and Encryption Method” – select the data authentication and encryption method used in the Wi-Fi base station.

Possible options:

  • “Open” – encryption is not used
  • “WPA_PSK”
  • “WPA_EAP” (FAST)
  • “WPA_EAP” (PEAP)

When using encryption, specify “Login” and “Password” to connect to the Wi-Fi base station.

Press the “Add” button.

The “List of networks” section displays Wi-Fi access points, which the terminal can use for Wi-Fi wireless network data transmission.

To connect the terminal to a hidden Wi-Fi network, during the setting specify only one Wi-Fi access point.