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Technical Specifications

Omnicomm Profi,
Profi Wi-Fi
Omnicomm Optim Omnicomm Smart Smart Promo
GPRS data transmission channel GPRS
Wi-Fi (only for Profi Wi-Fi)
Number of SIM cards and SIM chips 1 SIM-card + 1 SIM-chip 2 SIM-card or 1 SIM-card + 1 SIM-chip 1 SIM-card
Capability of installing SIM Yes Yes No
Power source
Power supply voltage, V 8…65 8…65 8…30
Overvoltage protection Yes Yes No
External sensor power supply Yes No No
Backup battery capacity, mAh 1400 1400 -
Data acquisition and transmission
Data acquisition period, s 1…240 1…240 15…240
Non-volatile memory capacity, events 150 000 150 000 150 000
SD card for photographs and archieve No Yes No
Inputs and outputs
Ignition key input Yes Yes Yes
Panic button input Yes Yes Connection to universal input
RPM sensor input Yes Yes Yes
GSM call button input Yes Yes No
Number of universal inputs 6 4 1
Number of digital outputs 2 2 -
CAN interface Yes Yes Yes
Interface RS-485 2 2 1
Interface RS-232 1 1 -
USB interface Yes Yes Yes
Voice communication connection Yes Yes No
Interface 1-wire Yes Yes No
Built-in accelerometer Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions, mm 100,5 x 137,0 x 38,0 101,0 х 90,0 х 31,5 101,0 х 90,0 х 31,5
Working temperature range, C (without the internal battery) – 40…+85 – 40…+85 – 40…+85
Operating temperature, C (with the internal battery) Charge 0…45; Discharge -20…60 Charge 0…45; Discharge -20…60 Charge 0…45; Discharge -20…60
Body tampering sensor Yes Yes No
Antenna design External External Built-in
Connection of fuel level sensors 6 6 2
Detection of active signal jamming GSM signal jamming Yes Yes Yes
Detection of active GSM signal jamming Yes Yes Yes
Remote control through GPRS Yes Yes Yes
Data output via external indicator Yes Yes Yes
SMS notifications Yes Yes Yes