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Omnicomm Configurator

1. Connect the terminal to a PC using a USB cable

2. Install and run Omnicomm Configurator. A window will open:

 Omnicomm Configurator

3. Select equipment – “Terminal”.

List of parameters shown in advanced mode only:

In the “Communication” section:

  • Data acquisition and transmission blocking
  • Communication Server No. 2 connection settings
  • GSM and SMS communication parameters
  • Roaming connection parameters
  • Roaming parameters

In the “Auxiliary Equipment” section:

  • Accelerometer parameters

In the “OBD” section:

  • Service IDs (SIDs) and parameter IDs (PIDs) defined by SAE J1979

The “Driving control” section.

After setting OBDII to ensure IP52 protection, apply the OBDII protective sticker, including in the delivery set.