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In the «Settings» tab select the «OBD» section from the list.

In the «OBD Parameters» section:

Omnicomm Configurator

Default OBDII parameters are not selected.

From the list of parameters, choose the ones you wish to display the value of in Omnicomm Online and check the corresponding boxes.

List of parameters:

  • Check Engine Error
  • Revolutions, rpm
  • Speed, km/h
  • Fuel volume, %
  • Mileage after Maintenance, km
  • Coolant temperature,°С
  • Voltage, V
  • Time to Maintenance, min
  • Oil temperature,°С
  • Instant fuel consumption, L/h

Value — parameter value obtained from the terminal.

OBD parameters tab to SAE J1979, SAE J1939

Parameter Protocol
SAE J1979 SAE J1939
Check Engine Error 0*01 0x01 FECA 1213
Revolutions, rpm 0*01 0x0C F004 190
Speed, km/h 0*01 0x0D FEF1 84
Fuel volume, % 0*01 0x2F FEFC 96
Mileage after Maintenance, km 0*01 0x31 - -
Coolant temperature,°С 0*01 0x05 FEEE 110
Voltage, V 0*01 0x42 FEF7 168
Time to Maintenance, min 0*01 0x4E - -
Oil temperature,°С 0*01 0x5C FEEE 175
Instant fuel consumption, L/h 0*01 0x5E FEF2 183

SID – Channel ID by SAE J1979.

PID – Parameter ID to SAE J1979.

PGN – No. of parameters group, defining the contents of the corresponding message according to SAE J1939.

SPN – code of the parameter according to SAE J1939.