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Custom Modbus

The Omnicomm OKO video terminals with the firmware version of FW310 or higher support the connection of an external device operating via the Modbus protocol

Only one device working via the Modbus protocol can be connected to the terminal.

Pre-check the settings of an external device: port, baud rate, and device IP-address.

Connect an external device via the RS-485 or RS-232 interface.

Connect an external device via the RS-485 interface according to the diagram:

External device

Connect an external device via the RS-232 interface according to the diagram:

External device

Follow the instructions provided by the external device manufacturer during connection.

In the Omnicomm Configurator program in the “Settings” / “Inputs” window or in the remote configuration server in the “RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces configuration” section:

Omnicomm Configurator RCS

“Custom Modbus” – is used to connect equipment which operates with Modbus protocol standard (except for Light, Smart).

When selecting “Custom Modbus”:

“Port baud rate” – specify the Modbus port baud rate operation Possible options: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200.

“Port settings” – select the port settings. Possible options: 8-N-1, 8-N-2, 8-Е-1, 8-Е-2, 8-О-1, 8-О-2.

In the remote configuration server, select the terminal operation mode and add parameters if necessary:

“Master” – terminal sends requests for the access to the registers from the external devices via Modbus protocol

“Listener” – terminal listens and receives the required data during the exchange via Modbus protocol

Add parameters

In the Omnicomm Configurator, the terminal operation mode is configured and the parameters are added in the “Settings” / “Modbus” (see Modbus).