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SIM Card and SD Card Inserting

Before SIM card inserting disable PIN request at activation. For this end insert the card in any cell phone and disable PIN request, according to the cell phone operating instruction.

1. Unscrew four safety screws.

SIM-card installation

2. Using a sharp-pointed object press the button at the SIM1 of SIM2 connector side. The SIM card holder will eject

3. Remove the SIM card holder from the connector slots and insert the SIM card into it with contact pieces up

4. Insert the SIM card holder in the connector slots:

SIM-card installation

5. Insert the SD cards in the respective SD1 and SD2 slots

When installing the SD cards, the Omnicomm OKO power must be switched off.

Omnicomm OKO video terminal supports SD cards up to 512 Gb.

A list of recommended SD cards:

  • Kingston SDR/128GB SDXC A1, V30, UHS-I Class 3 , Class 10
  • Kingston SDR/256GB SDXC A1, V30, UHS-I Class 3 , Class 10
  • Transcend TS128GSDXC10U1 SDXC/SDHC Class 10 UHS-I 600x (Ultimate)

6. Fix the protective cover with four screws

Connector Pin Assignment

Omnicomm OKO Terminal

General view of Omnicomm OKO video terminal

General view of Omnicomm OKO video terminal

Connector Х1:

Connector Х1

No. of pin Nameof signal Designation Wire color in cable
1 Ground for power – Ground (signal) White
2 Ground for power – Ground (power) White
3 Panic button Panic button White-red
4 Universal input 2 Input 2 Black-white
5 Universal input 4 Input 4 Black-yellow
6 RPM input Tachometer Blue
7 Output 2 Output 2 Yellow-blue
8 Line RS-232 Rx Rx RS-232 Pink
9 Line B RS-485 No. 2 B RS-485 No. 2 Black-blue
10 Line B RS-485 No. 1 B RS-485 No. 1 Blue-white
11 CAN L CAN L Purple-white
12 Vehicle power supply voltage Power Red
13 Ignition key IGN Yellow
14 GSM activation button GSM Green-black
15 Universal input 1 Input 1 Black
16 Universal input 3 Input 3 Black-red
17 iButton+ iButton+ Pink-red
18 Output 1 Output 1 Yellow-red
19 Line RS-232 Tx Tx RS-232 Grey
20 Line A RS-485 No. 2 A RS-485 No. 2 White-green
21 Line A RS-485 No. 1 A RS-485 No. 1 Orange-white
22 CAN Н CAN Н Purple-orange

Connector Х2:

Connector Х2

No. of pin Name of signal Designation Wire colour in cable
1 Speaker - Speaker - Green-yellow
2 Microphone - Microphone - Grey-yellow
3 Ground GND White
4 Universal input 5 Input 5 Green
5 Ground GND White
6 Speaker + Speaker + Green-red
7 Microphone + Microphone + Grey-red
8 iButton- iButton- Pink-blue
9 Universal input 6 Input 6 Purple
10 External LLS power supply + Power LLS Brown

Connectors CAM1, CAM2, CAM3, CAM4:

Connector CAM Plug

No. of pin Name of signal Colour of wire
1 RX+ White-green
2 RX- Green
3 TX+ White-orange
4 DC+ Blue
5 DC+ White-blue
6 TX- Orange
7 DC- White-brown
8 DC- Brown

Power Supply and Ignition Key

Connect Omnicomm OKO video terminals as per diagrams without a ground disconnect switch: without ground disconnect switch after the ground disconnect switch: after ground disconnect switch

Do not connect the terminal before the ground disconnect switch.


Omnicomm terminal shall be installed inside the vehicle cabin or in specially equipped electrics boxes on the vehicle protected from atmospheric precipitation.

Drill 4 mounting holes Ø5.5 mm.

Mounting dimensions

Install the video terminal and fix with self-tapping screws.


Choose the installation site of antennas based on the antenna cable length.

Antennas should be installed inside the vehicle cabin on a flat surface.

Distance from antennas to any metal surface (except for the installation surface) should be not less than 50 mm.

We recommend installing antennas on the windshield or on the horizontal surface of the instrument panel in a place providing a good radio pick-up range of the sky.

  1. Degrease the installation site surface
  2. Remove protective film from the double adhesive tape on the surface of antenna
  3. Attach the antenna with the adhesive side to the installation site
  4. Fix the antenna while the adhesive is setting