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Technical Specifications

Omnicomm OKO
Satellite Navigation Systems GLONASS/GPS
Data transmission channel GSM / GPRS
Number of SIM cards 2
Number of connected IP video cameras From 1 to 4
Video compression format *.h264
Video encryption Yes
Video volume from one camera 6 Mb/min
Record quality 1024 kbit/s
Video resolution 720p (1280×720)
Frames per second 15
Power source
Power supply voltage, V 10…36
Overvoltage protection Yes
External sensor power supply Yes
Backup battery capacity, mAh 1400
Data collection and transmission
Data collection period, s 15…240
Non-volatile memory capacity, events 150 000
Support of SD cards 2 × 512 Gb
Inputs and outputs
Ignition key input Yes
Panic button input Yes
RPM sensor input Yes
GSM call button input Yes
Number of universal inputs 4+2 (Input 5, Input 6 for pulse signals only)
Number of digital outputs 2
CAN interface Yes
RS-485 interface 1
RS-232 interface 1
USB interface Yes
Voice communication connection Yes
1-wire interface Yes
Ethernet Yes
Built-in accelerometer Yes
Dimensions, mm 225 × 180 × 48 mm
Working temperature range, °С – 40…+85
Body tampering sensor Yes
Antenna design External
Fuel level sensors connections 6
Support of 2 mobile network operators Yes
Active GPS / GLONASS signals jamming detection Yes
Active GSM signals jamming detection Yes
Number of servers for data transmission 2
Remote control through GPRS Yes
SIM card heating Yes
Driver identification Yes
Event photo registration Yes
1-Wire temperature sensors connection Yes
Passenger sensors support Yes
Data output via external indicator Yes
SMS notifications Yes

Maximum recording time depending on the number of cameras and SD card capacity

128 Gb 256 Gb 512 Gb
1 camera 360 hours 720 hours 1440 hours
2 cameras 180 hours 360 hours 720 hours
3 cameras 120 hours 240 hours 480 hours
4 cameras 90 hours 180 hours 360 hours